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So, Cosco has changed its bathroom tissue. Yep, it doesn’t fit the roll. It’s bad stuff!
But what is worse is the paper has to be wound around the hand about five times in order to work. Otherwise it shreds and splits apart. Worse, a finger will pop through the paper and that’s not nice. I liked the old individually wrapped paper that they used to have. The new paper is too large and all fluffed up and no longer fits in my wall paper dispenser.
I do travel a lot and when I found the paper that I liked, I started to look for it on line. The new paper that I found and liked is used in motels and other establishments. It is reasonably priced, double ply, embossed and STRONG. It doesn’t shred like the Cosco TP and leave lint. Try using the individually wrapped Optima Double Soft Floral Embossed Bath Tissue. It’s not as soft but it does really well. Cosco needs to test some of these items before they drop them on the public. It would save them a bad rap!