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This toilet paper has given me a rash “down there”, which is VERY uncomfortable & it’s driving me nuts! I have never had a problem like this with any toilet paper before, but I realized it had to be the case because I started getting burning, redness & irritation every time I used this at work. I hadn’t used any new products or detergents, & I noticed my work had recently changed to Kirkland toilet paper from Charmin Ultra Plush (which is what I have used at home for years with no problem). After searching online to get some info. on Kirkland toilet paper (I was wondering if it contained a lot of bleach or fragrance, as the packaging tells you nothing), the internet led me here where I read I am not the only one to get an allergic reaction to this stuff! All I can say is getting a rash on your private parts HURTS & it is like torture, so NEVER AGAIN will I use this product!