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    One of my shopping strategies is newsletters.  I receive their newsletters to get inside scoops.

    Below is an example:

    I wanted to buy YUDU for some time.  YUDU is silk screen machine that you can print stuff on your T-Shirts. List price for YUDU is $299.00.  Of course, nobody pays that much.  They normally sells for $150 – $200.

    The best place to purchase YUDU is Michaels, so I requested Micheals to receive their newsletters (online fliers).

    On 4th of July weekend I received this email.

    So, I bought one for $119.99.  I thought that was a good buy, but I kept my eye opened just in case.  Then right next week, I received this in my inbox.


    That’s $20.99 cheaper than what I paid last week – Plus tax (total $22.72)

    I haven’t opened my box of YUDU yet.  It’s still sitting in the corner, untouched.  I shall go to Michaels on Sunday morning to claim my $20.99 (plus tax).  I don’t think I will buy YUDU for cheaper than $99.

    Update (Sunday Morning):

    I returned my YUDU and bought the same YUDU machine back for $99.00



    When you’re ready, please post one of your t-shirt creations!



    I will try 🙂
    It will be long~~ time until I actually start printing t-shirts.

    Because I’ll have to horn my skill on design first. It can be months. 🙁

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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