Two pairs of boots I cannot wear (for now).

These two pairs of Italian boots are a Christmas gift from me to me. But I cannot wear them for now.

I work at a large company with 700-800 employees, and some of my colleagues follow my shoes. Some guys like to talk to me about shoes. They ask me about how I go about shopping for shoes. I didn’t think much of it at first. Then I realized they were trying to tap into my brain so they could buy the same shoes when I buy them. At least they are trying to emulate my style.

There is one particular guy at work… one day I caught him searching for my purple Chelsea boots. “I will find your boots. I like them. I will find them and buy them.” He said.

He couldn’t find my boots. He couldn’t, because my shoes are designer brand. They are only available for one season. But this forever changed how I share information at work. Now I don’t wear anything if they are available to purchase, so I don’t play twinsies with annoying mofos. I will only wear these boots after they are completely out of season and completely sold out.