Last Chance to order Valentine’s Day Flowers

2nd Costco Shopping in 2023 – $64.34 / $268.66 this year

This is your last chance to order flowers for Valentine’s Day delivery. Costco has a good track record on flower delivery as far as my experience is concerned. The flowers look good, and they last a long time.

I never request them to be delivered on Valentine’s Day, February 14. It’s the busiest day for flower delivery, and I don’t like to risk it. So, I always schedule it to deliver a few days earlier. Actually, there was one incident when delivery was delayed by one day. But, it worked out fine because I asked for delivery a few days earlier. My friend never complains that she receives flowers early. I mean, I refuse to be a friend to anyone who complains that I sent flowers too early. That would be against my philosophy (Avoid drama. Boring is the best).

I didn’t want to send 50 roses. One or two dozen roses are OK, but 50 roses remind me of a guy who wears gold chains and heavy cologne. (Porsche key chain, Ray-Ban Sunglasses on the back of his head, etc, etc…). So, I looked for something less flashy.

Below is what I considered buying.