Costco Covid-19 Test Kit. at-home Coronavirus test by Azova

Costco is offering Covid-19 Saliva test kit by azova.

Costco covid-19, coronavirus test kit

This is a saliva test – not a dreading nasal swab.
They are priced at $129.99 and $139.99. The $139.99 kit contains Video Observation for travelers (I don’t know exactly what that means).

Costco Covid-19, Coronavirus test kit by Azova
Available at Costco. Covid-19 test kit by Azova

This requires you to follow instruction.

  • It sounds like you need to register at and complete an assessment. Only after that, you may receive a test kit at your address.
  • Avoid collecting saliva over the weekend for the shipping delays.
  • After spitting a large quantity into a tube. Pack up your sample and take it to the UPS store.
  • Results will be available online in a few days after they receive your package.
  • This item is FSA eligible.