Costco Shopping – August 11, 2020

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22nd Costco Shopping in 2020 – $103.19 today / $1,598.75 this year

Just like my last two visits, I arrived at Costco early today. I was prepared to stand in line to get in. Again, there was no line and I was allowed in at 9:20 AM. I quickly headed to cleaning supply aisle. Clorox Wipes and hand sanitizers where nowhere to be found.

When the pandemic lockdown started, I ate insane amount of comfort food. I ate 2 chocolate cakes in 3 months, and that was only the beginning. I ate a lot and gained solid 6 pounds. Now I’m finally back to my normal diet, perhaps more careful this time around. I’ve been eating chicken and eggs lately.

I don’t expect Costco cherries to be as good as those I find at farmers market. Considering, these cherries are pretty decent. I enjoy them, and I will buy again. Pineapple is guaranteed good times. I pick the biggest pineapple, and wait for it to ripe.

I’ve been having an amazing luck with watermelons this year. Every single watermelon, so far, was crispy and delicious. I hope this one is super-fantastic.

The ribbons are back at Costco with a hint of Christmas. Although none of the ribbons had a holiday design, I thought some ribbons were clearly made for Christmas.

I didn’t like Adidas shoes. I didn’t like them at all. The front part was ugly and didn’t look normal. I guess I am old fashion. I refuse to wear shoes that look like that.

After I got home, I learned that women’s shoes don’t have that ugly front part. Maybe I will check out women’s shoes before the sale ends. Women’s athletic shoes are exactly as same as men’s. The only difference is the sizing. Men’s shoes are 1 1/2 size larger. So, if you you wear men’s size 9 1/2, you will fit in women’s shoes size 11. FYI: Size 11 is the biggest women’s shoes size at Costco.

Instant savings saved $15.70