Costco Shopping – June 12, 2010 (with a friend)


I went to Costco with a friend. After walking by the pet section, she called her mother in Arizona. Then she went back to pick up three doggie beds.

‘Mental note. Get separate carts next time’

I spent $170.00. Coupon saved about $27.00

It was nice shopping at Costco with a friend, because we bought each other’s coupon items. For example, the $8.50 Red Bull’s coupon had a 1 item limit. So, she bought 1 extra case for me. And I bought her 2 kitty litters because there was 2 items limit.

We shopped for a long time. It was fun.
We had a hot dog before starting shopping (we saved the soda cups for later). After shopping, I got hungry again, so I had a slice of pizza before going home. There were a lot of crazy people today at Costco. We had fun making fun of them.

Costco Margaritaville Sandals
I like these Margaritaville Sandals. It was a limited-time sales event.
The wheeled duffel bag is very nice and very cheap ($39.99)

Update 2021 – I still use those sandals daily. I still have the duffel bag, but I almost never use it.