Costco Shopping – March 25, 2020

16th Costco Shopping in 2020 – $29.37 today / $811.81 this year

I was depressed and physically exhausted from dealing with my disaster. I had to get away and relax my soul. So, I went to Costco. There, I saw the same Costco employees working there – some with masks, some without. God bless them.

I went to Costco around 1:10 PM. I stood in line, but the line was short. I only waited about 15 minutes. Toilet paper was out of stock. But I saw some shoppers walking out with toilet papers. This meant toilet papers were in stock about an hour ago. Also, inside the warehouse looked more stocked (fuller). I saw fewer empty shelf spaces. I took that as a positive sign.

I had such a big craving for chocolate cake. I wanted a cake so sweet that it will hurt my gum. I have a craving maybe because I feel sad and demoralized. Maybe my body needs chocolate. Luckily, I found this flat layer of Chocolate cake. The cakes are smaller because people don’t have parties anymore.

Seeing Costco like this felt like meeting a sick family member. But things are getting better.

I am doing good physically and financially. Please take care. I will talk to you soon.

Warehouse looked fuller than 2 weeks ago. Supply is strong.