Vacation Update – December 2010

I am on my 10-day vacation (4 days off, 2 days holidays, 4 days weekend).

8 days flew by like a rocket ship. I still have 2 days to enjoy. I shall make the most out of it.


When I was a boy, I used to love scale modeling. I spent many days making tanks, sports cars, and fighter planes. Back then, I had to save money for months to buy a cheap box of a tank. Kit models were such a treat back then, that’s why I relate kit models with Christmas.

I wanted to re-live that olden day. So, I bought 2 boxes of kit models. I was very happy to find this truck. I remember when I was a young boy. I used to look at this truck in the store window for hours and daydreamed.

On the night before Christmas, I put the truck together as I watched Polar Express. I had a good sentimental moment alone. The entire apartment was quiet. I couldn’t hear any of my neighbors.

It took several hours (a few days) to put this together. 

After this truck, I got fed up with scale modeling. That was enough. Maybe I will get to the tank next year (?). We’ll see.

Update 2021 – 11 years later, I still haven’t finished that tank. It’s about 1/4 finished.


My neighbor “S” paid a visit on Christmas day. She said she found the coins in the laundry room. “I thought it had to be you,” she said.

She said, after using washers and dryers, she put the coins and Christmas card back up there. She wanted somebody else to have that good feeling.


I did a lot of shopping.
I ate a lot of treats.
I met my parents twice.

This vacation was so very sweet.