I think my neighbor is a prostitute

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I try to keep my website secret to my neighbors, so I don’t have to watch what I say.

I have a reason to believe one of my neighbors is a prostitute.  I think she has a client-based sex business going on.  Or she happened to have a lot of guy friends.  Or there could be an innocent explanation.

My neighbor, the marijuana girl, brought up the topic, that there are multiple men visiting her constantly – sometimes very late.   And I agree with that.

So, I set up the hidden camera pointing at her APT.  It’s set to record when motion is detected.  I’m going to figure out exactly how many guys visit her and how often.

I arranged a dinner date with another neighbor.  I shall dig out more information.

Of course, I’m not serious.  I am just doing this for entertainment.  I’m bored.

Maybe I want in on it.  Surprised

Anyway, I just ordered a higher quality webcam for better video images.