Vitamix Container

One of my favorite purchases from Costco is the Vitamix blender. I believe my Vitamix blender keeps me fit and healthy. Ultimately, Vitamix contributes to a happier life. I highly recommend Vitamix blender to everyone. It doesn’t have to be Vitamix. But everyone should have some kind of powerful blender and use it every day. I am no doctor. I cannot explain this scientifically. But a vegetable juice has to be better than a bowl of cereal. There has to be a tremendous positive long-term effect from a daily diet of vegetable juice.

I don’t claim that the Vitamix blender changed my life. I am healthy because of how I make decisions in my life. Vitamix was one of the decisions I made.

Before Vitamix, I used to juice for 7-8 years. Then, in January 2012, I switched to Vitamix blender. For almost 9 years, I’ve been using a Vitamix blender twice a day. I make a juice in the morning and another one after work. I rarely skip my routine. I estimate I ran my Vitamix blender for at least 8000 minutes (= 133 hours = 5.5 Days).

Last week, I was making my Vitamix juice as usual. But, this time, the blender made a strange noise, and I saw smoke coming out from the blade assembly (gear). I quickly turned off the machine.

And I went for my backup container. Yes, I had a backup container already.

Vitamix blender 64 ounce Classic Container. Old and new
64 ounce Classic Vitamix blender container. Old and new.

How to keep Vitamix container clean

Vitamix blender containers are made out of plastic, not glass, for a safety reason. Vitamix is super powerful. If the blade mechanism fails, it could shatter the glass container. Then horrible things can happen, including a lawsuit. So they are made out of plastic, and these plastic containers will get stained easily. Once they are stained, there is no getting it out.

This is how I will keep my Vitamix container clean

  • I will wash & dry the container soon after each use.
  • I will never air dry my Vitamix container.
  • After each use, I will run the blender with clean water for 5 seconds.
  • I will clean the container gently with a non-scratch sponge. I will absolutely avoid an abrasive sponge that will scratch the container instantly and permanently.
  • I will use a micro-fiber towel to completely wipe dry the container.
Vitamix blender container close up
Vitamix blender container close up