Costco Delivers Valentine’s Day Flowers

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2nd Costco Shopping in 2020 – $53.62 today / $267.49 this year

Costco sells Valentine’s Day flowers, mostly roses, with free delivery. A typical arrangement contains 50 roses, and it will cost you about $54 after tax. I believe this is an excellent price. Visit Costco for all Valentine’s Day floral arrangements. Below are a few key points.

  • Because of the large volume of Valentine’s Day floral orders, your order will deliver on or one day before your preferred arrival date.
  • For Valentine’s Day flower delivery, you must order before February 11, 11 AM PST. I guess that February 14 delivery option may max out soon. I recommend you order as soon as possible if you want Valentine’s Day delivery.
  • You will choose your arrival date when you check out.
  • Shipping is free. Tax will be added.

Dozen Roses at Costco (in the past)

Costco usually sells roses on Valentine’s Day.