Costco Shopping – January 18, 2013


A female friend of mine wanted to experience my shopping routine. So, I took her shopping to Costco, Wal*Mart, ROSS, Target, and Del Taco (my usual routine). We ate Costco Hot Dogs. We were done shopping around 10:30 pm. 

I used my executive member 2% rebate check and received $66.83 cashback.


If I had the money, I would replace all my T-shirts, about 30 of them, with these Kirkland Signature’s Pima Cotton T-Shirts.

I look exactly the same every day at work. Simply put, I don’t care how I look at work. I wear 1 size larger pair of pants to work (for comfort). I wear Costco’s black T-shirt every day. My black T-shirts have better quality than most cheap T-shirts people wear. But, in fact, my shirts are undershirts. 


I always keep 10-20 cans of Healthy Choice Chicken Soups. I use them to fight cold (flu). I believe in the power of chicken soup. I believe chicken soup works better than any cold medication. I ate several cans of these soups last week to fight the flu. And I needed a refill. There were $3 instant savings on them.

* When I’m at work, I wear 31-inch waist pants. When I go out for Costco shopping, I change into a pair of 30-inch waist pants. My female friend made a comment that I am wearing tight pants to Costco.

Update 2021 – I never wear a t-shirt to work. I only wear an imported dress shirt, often with cuff-links. I don’t keep chicken soup at home, but I make chicken stock in the freezer. When I catch a cold, I buy make chicken soup from scratch.