Costco Shopping – January, 21 2022

1st Costco Shopping in 2022 – $204.32 / $204.32 this year
Instant savings saved $35.50

I used to go to Costco 5 times a month. But, since the pandemic, I go to Costco less than once a month. I don’t know what I’m doing with my blog anymore. Mm.. anyway, we shall see.

I had a growing Costco shopping list. Also, I didn’t want to miss out on this month’s savings. I saved $35.50 from this month’s member-only savings. I bought some vitamins and supplements. And I got SPAMs.

Kirkland Signature Shampoo:
I still couldn’t find Kirkland Signature shampoo. I think they’ve been absent from my warehouse for a year or longer. At least they are now available online. I shall order one today. I will pay $3 for shipping. It’s still a very good price.

Irish Spring Soaps:
I have a nagging feeling these soaps will be on sale in a few weeks. As I said before (Nov 12, 2021), you don’t always see Irish Spring soap in Costco. In fact, you rarely see Irish Spring soaps. I usually see these soaps when they are on sale. After that, they would disappear for several months or for over a year (or longer).

I saw Irish Spring soaps today and noticed that they no longer say “Originals” on the packaging, but it reads “Original Clean”. They have changed the formula, and now each soap is 0.5 oz bigger. I hope I will like the new soap.

New Irish Spring soap at costco

After my Costco shopping, I bought a hot dog and a Cold Brew Mocha Freeze (with chocolate). The straws for the drinks were back. They no longer had sippy cup lids for the drinks. But they still didn’t have onion cranks. I parked my car in a partially shaded area and ate a hot dog. At home, nobody at my work noticed I took a long break. What the heck, so I took a nap. Zzz…