Happy St. Patrick’s Day


* 19th package of the year

I wore green today. This was unusual because I never wear green for St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t know… I felt like wearing green today. As I get older, I enjoy doing stupid things like this. It’s fun.

Look, I even drank a cup of green tea (Jasmine). I often use 2 bags in a cup for an extra kick. 

Green Sleave, Green Tea

That Homer Simpson mug was $25.00 at Linens’n Things. Then, a few months later, I went back to the same Linens’n Things and found it in the clearance bin for $5.00.

Swiss Army Knife

My mini Swiss Army Knife came. It’s got a tiny LED flashlight. This can come in handy at my wedding photography gigs.

My coworker has the same knife. He often helps me to open my packages with his knife. I thought it was cool. Now I have one, too.