Lunch – Salad & Anchovy Pizza


When I ordered an Anchovy Pizza, the cashier said, “You are the first person ordering anchovy in 2 months.” So, I told her “Make that a double anchovy”. My coworker also ordered anchovy pizza.

“How do I explain the beauty of anchovy? How do I make them understand?” I asked my co-worker. “I don’t know, dude… start a website,” he answered.

We talked about anchovy pizzas while we were eating ’em. 
I told him how much I enjoy the chalky, meaty texture of anchovy. 
My coworker told me about the best anchovy pizza he ever had.


For lunch, we only get one trip to the salad bar with this bowl. So, naturally, we pile ’em up high. 

I quickly learned that Sprouts goes on top. That bowl of salad could have gone a lot higher, but I didn’t want to embarrass my coworker.

Anchovy Pizza